Posted by lisahannah on October 1, 2010 at 9:37 AM


Ting Huan

fed you hot air

and made you a spectacle

high up

where paintings rotate,

beautiful translucent

And today, cylinder

they mount you on a spindle

like Sleeping Beauty

and finger you

from static to rapid,

arguing about your first name.

The Greeks opt for the wheel of life

ζωή - zoe, and τρόπος - tropos,

but others hurl, soul taker

and Daedalum,

the Devil's Wheel,

forgetting that what matters most is magic.

Your first whirl thrills the dancer

clumsy in the first Richter,

adagio until you gain speed;

fouetté en tournant

fouetté en tournant

fouetté en tournant.

Equus is the same in the manege

ready diagonals,

awaiting the spin like a whip;

two inch thoroughbred

poised to walk, trot, gallop,


The others, await your interest:

Tomfoolery ball balancing

Professor Crumble's hat passing monkeys

pirouettes stored in an ornament

tickets for the Baboon Theatre

and the acrobat forever falling.


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